How to Backup PS3 Games and Create PS3 Game Blu-ray Disc for Playback?

Why Do You Need to Create PS3 Games Blu-ray disc?

PS3 games is a piece of high designed technology which contained high definition quality and superb graphic element which cost your around $50 -$200 to get one on market. If your PS3 games disc gets scratches and not able to play then you need to squeeze your wallet just to buy a brand new one to replace it.

Nowadays many people is wondering how they can make copies & backup of their favorite PS3 games. So burning PS3 games to Blu-ray disc has become a hot topic online.

create PS3 Games Blu-ray

In order make a backup games you need to install a software but if you want to burn a backup disc you need to required a genuine Blu-ray games burner to get the job done. Many PS3 users have taken the simple route and purchased software capable of bypassing protections to copy games. With the copy software application, PS3 user not need to installing any external modchip and get potential void your PS3 warranty. You will need to use special game copy software instead of the standard CD/DVD burning program in order to copy PS3’s more advanced Blu-ray discs.

How to Backup PS3 Games and Create PS3 Games Blu-ray Disc for Playback?

Before burning PS3 games to Blu-ray disc(BD), you need prepare the software and equipment:

  • Multiman – Copy and backup PlayStation games to your computer hard drive.
  • Download Base Version v04.78.03.

  • DiscBOOT (Windows application) – Backup any PS3 game to a DVD or Blu-ray disc … and not only that: discBOOT will generate two PKGs.
  • Blu-ray Creator – Blu-ray creating software to burn PS3 games to your Blu-ray disc.
  • Blank Blu-ray Disc: BD-25, BD-50
  • Your original PS3 gaming disc

Part 1. Backup Your Original PS3 Games to PC with MultiMAN

Make sure you have the latest Multiman (v04.78.03) installed or else will receive a bunch of errors or a black screen when booting. Also, make sure there are no other USB drives plugged in. Only your external. Or the game will not boot.

Multiman makes a .pkj file of your ps3 game after installing it to the ps3 you can launch the game via burned dvd.

  1. Start multiMAN (under game), insert the original PS3 game disc.
  2. Select the game in multiMAN and press triangle and select Backup/Copy.
  3. Create a backup of the game to:
    – If game contains files bigger than the FAT32 limite (4GB) -> Internal hard drive
    – If game doesn’t contain files bigger than 4GB -> internal or external
  4. Transfer the backup copy to your PC (if game contains 4GB+ files you may have to use FTP)

Note: At this point you should have the PS3 game backup on your PC with all files 1:1 (no split files!)

Part 2. DiscBOOT — Backup PS3 Game to a DVD or Blu-ray disc … and Generate two PKGs

DiscBOOT is a Windows tool, which let you backup any PS3 game to a DVD or Blu-ray disc … and not only that: discBOOT will generate two PKGs, one for 3.41 and the other for 3.55 CFW/MFW, effectively letting you play said game on your hacked console. Here is how it works:

  1. Download DiscBOOT and extract it on your desktop.
  2. extract discBoot

  3. Go to the folder of the game you wanna burn, and drag the PS3_GAME folder to discBoot.exe.
  4. drag PS3 game folder

  5. Let it work its magic.
  6. Now you will have a folder with 2 PKGs and a txt.
    – PKG for 3.41
    – PKG for 3.55
    – TXT with instructions (see this for more info)
  7. discboot generate 3 files

  8. Copy the PKG of your version to the root of an external HDD or a USB.

Part 3. Burn the Copied PS3 Games to Blu-ray With a Blu-ray Burning Software

  1. On your laptop/PC, open ImgBurn or any other burning program. Here I use Blu-ray Creator – a professional DVD/Blu-ray burning software which offers both Windows and Mac version.
  2. Download from the link as follows.

    Blu-ray creator interface

    Then insert a blank DVD or Blu-ray disc into the driver.

  3. Drag the PS3_GAME folder and PS3_DISC.SFB and burn them to the disc.
  4. add PS3 game folder

  5. Set target before burning
    Click the big "Burn" button on top-right corner to choose your recorder drive. Choose burn to Blu-ray disc (BD25, BD50). Input the BD title by entering the Volume Label.
  6. blu-ray burning settings

  7. Burn PS3 game to Blu-ray disc
    Select video game files, click the "Create" button , then PS3 game to Blu-ray disc burning progress begin. The burning process and time can be viewable.
  8. Insert the DVD/Blu-ray and play the game through the XMB

OK! That’s all! You’ve finished the whole solution to copy, backup, and create PS3 games Blu-ray disc for playback.